Energy Efficiency Mortgage (EEM) are intended to finance the purchase/construction and/or renovation of both residential (single family & multi-family) and commercial buildings where there is evidence of: (1) energy performance which meets or exceeds relevant market best practice standards in line with current EU legislative requirements; and/or (2) an improvement in energy performance of at least 30%.

This evidence should be provided by way of a recent Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating or score, complemented by an estimation of the value of the property according to the standards required under existing EU legislation. It should specifically detail the existing energy efficiency measures in line with the EEM Valuation & Energy Efficiency Checklist.

Lending institutions are committed to providing regular information enabling investors to analyse the Energy Efficient Mortgage products, following the Harmonised Disclosure Template.

In the context of the EEM Label the term “mortgage” refers to residential and commercial property loans which fall within the scope of the Capital Requirements Regulation (Regulation 2013/575/EU) and/or Mortgage Credit Directive (Directive 2014/17/EU) or under equivalent legislation outside of the EEA.