Takarék Mortgage Bank Co.plc.

Hungary EEA Member

Takarék Mortgage Bank Co. Plc. as FHB Land Credit and Mortgage Bank started its operation in 1998, as the first specialized mortgage credit institution in the Hungarian banking market. Takarék Mortgage Bank is a member of Takarék Group, as an integrated credit institution, is also the member of Magyar Bankholding Group established in 2020, which is the second largest domestic banking group in Hungary. From 2018, Takarék Mortgage Bank operates exclusively as mortgage bond issuer and refinancing centre for members of the Bankholding and third-party partner banks outside the group.

Takarék Mortgage Bank is committed to monitor its environmental, social risks and adopt these principals and functions into its long-term governance and business strategy. Based on green financial requirements that influence the Bank’s business strategy, Takarék Mortgage Bank established its own, specialized green strategy in the longer run. Takarék Mortgage Bank’s green strategy intends to primarily focus on green financing providing green mortgage refinancing for partner banks, raising funds from green mortgage covered bond issuance and complying with domestic financial authority and stock exchange (BSE) guidelines and standards. Takarék Mortgage Bank published its ESG strategy and Sustainability report (GRI-based) 2021 in September 2021.

Takarék Mortgage Bank’s intention to issue green covered bonds and engage in green refinancing underlines Magyar Bankholding– including Takarék Group’s– commitment to become a major participant on the domestic financial landscape in sustainable mortgage financing.

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