PKO Bank Hipoteczny Spółka Akcyjna

Poland EEA Member

PKO Bank Hipoteczny SA (the “Bank”) specializes in granting residential mortgage loans to individual customers and purchasing receivables in respect of such loans. The Bank acquires loans for its portfolio based on strategic cooperation with PKO Bank Polski SA.

PKO Bank Hipoteczny SA is the leader on the Polish mortgage bank market in terms of total assets and the balance of residential mortgage loans. The Bank is Poland’s largest issuer of mortgage covered bonds on Polish and international markets. It was the only bank in Poland to carry out benchmark issues of euro-denominated mortgage covered bonds, in the total number of six to 31 December 2022. The outstanding mortgage covered bonds issued by the Bank account for over 57% of the total value of outstanding mortgage covered bonds issued by Polish mortgage banks.

The Bank both grants new residential mortgage loans and purchases such loans from PKO Bank Polski SA. In 2022, the Bank’s total assets exceeded PLN 20.7 billion, of which PLN 19.0 billion were a high quality portfolio of residential loans.

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